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We help you build value


The most important thing for any organization is to get people invested in what you’re doing. Our experiences focus on four core ideals — Connectivity, Collaboration, Curiosity, and Co-Authorship — to get people invested in and engaged with your story. This approach provides tremendous value and impact in the following ways…

  • Keeps your customer’s attention for hours

  • Creates attachment to the world or product 

  • Gives in-depth interaction with and understanding of product benefits

  • Fosters community with high engagement and investment

  • Increases word-of-mouth referrals and brand loyalty 

  • Allows people to have an exciting adventure together 

  • Teaches people how to work effectively together towards common goals 

  • Creates meaningful connections and lasting memories

  • Promotes leadership and agency

  • Integrates relevant information into story that is enjoyable and engaging 

  • Allows people to understand different, nuanced perspectives of an issue by engaging with characters

  • Develops transferrable skills, ranging from soft skills (collaboration) to hard skills (using tools)




We bring a number of tools to the table in any potential collaborative world building. With combined decades of experience making highly successful and impactful immersive experiences, we can do everything from initial concept to final product, working across genre and scale.


Narrative is the bread and butter of every Alterea experience. A lot of thought goes into creating stories with rich backstories and complex characters, allowing every participant the chance to be hero of the story

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Our talented team of designers uses a number of skills and tools, including architecture, graphic design, drawing, illustrating, animation, video production, woodwork, painting, model creation, and more to make projects come to life

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We define games as facilitated goal oriented tasks, which serve as the primary interface between our participants and our story. We have a variety of scales and types of games - small social games, grand finale games and quests which tie together every element of the experience and enable participants to propel and contribute to the story through their actions.

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Using actors, we ensure that there are forces moving the story forward even though the participants determine which direction the story goes in. Actors also foster human connection between participants. They ensure we are able to accommodate surprises, improvise and truly bring the world to life in a way that we're not just 'talking at' our guests, but also 'listening and responding' to them.



Putting these events together is no small feat. To make everything run smoothly requires a talented backstage team working behind the scenes. These tasks include everything from props, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, tech, stage blocking, and venue logistics.

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