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Whether showing off the history and potential of an existing venue, or building destination branded installations from scratch, we create dynamic, collaborative, and memorable experiences your guests will never forget.  We put guests in extraordinary circumstances so they can discover the extraordinary within themselves.


Alterea experiences foster connectivity, collaboration, curiosity, and co-authorship through live, immersive gaming and interactive theatre.


We envision a world of explorers and change-makers who live their stories boldly.


We exist to show how everyone's personal story impacts our collective experience.

our team

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Anahita Dalmia

Chief Executive Officer

With her imaginative business and networking strategies, Anahita specializes in executive direction, event management, and narrative direction. Fascinated by how stories can inspire people and shape their perspective, Anahita loves creating worlds that people can step into, engage with, and learn from.


Nick Griffith

Chief Creative Officer

Nick bridges the gap between the creative and the logical, finding inventive solutions to non-creative problems.  His jack-of-all-trades skill set and his background in architecture and film allow him to communicate with artists and makers of diverse specialties. Extensively experienced with aspects of design in the physical space, Nick is responsible for realizing the company's creative visions.

Alex Walter

Project Lead

With a Theatre degree from USC, Alex directed multiple theatrical productions, and almost two decades of theatre work.  Projects he's worked on includes Ascend, Angel City Celebration, Agents of Influence, and Clifton’s, where he's heavily involved in leadership for narrative, theater, and creative design.  His biggest strengths include training in a wide variety of performing arts, a voracious love of story, a keen interest in history, mythology, and archeology. 

Jacob zorehkey

Project Lead

A graduate of USC, Jacob has served as a producer, actor, designer and narrative developer in several immersive shows. Notable examples of his work include Ascend, Alohomora, Cliftons, and Beetlehouse where he serves as project lead. Hardworking, dedicated, and nerdy to all hell, Jacob is always glad to be involved in exciting projects!

Jasper McEvoy

Project Lead

Jasper brings extensive experience in writing, strategy, and leadership to the table. A graduate of the USC environmental studies program, he was drawn to join Alterea after experiencing Ascend as a participant. Passionate about reading, learning new skills, and diving headfirst into new creative projects, Jasper’s eclectic background and open-mindedness are his greatest strengths.