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 About US



We are Alterea Inc. an award-winning experience design start-up based in Los Angeles. Through digital and live mediums, we use our storytelling and production talents to create experiences that explore and highlight participant agency.


Alterea experiences foster connectivity, collaboration, curiosity, and co-authorship through live, immersive gaming and interactive theatre.


We envision a world of explorers and change-makers who live their stories boldly.


We exist to show how everyone's personal story impacts our collective experience.

our team

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Anahita Dalmia

Chief Executive Officer

 Anahita lives to create worlds people can step into, change, and learn from, and is fascinated by how stories shape people and their perspective. In her free time you are equally likely to find her networking at a Forbes conference or exploring underground tunnels. 


Jasper McEvoy

Chief Strategy Officer

Jasper pushes Alterea to fully realize its vision through business strategy, creative vision, and an unyielding standard for excellence. In another life he was an environmental scientist.

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Alex walter

Artistic Director

Alex is the steady creative mind behind the narrative and immersive theatre at the core of Alterea experiences. He has training in a wide variety of performing arts, a voracious love of story, and an oversize collection of Star Wars literature.