Finale mini

PIZZA Search

Find the CITY, STATE of each photo location! Use Google Image Reverse Search to find all the places that are in danger of serving nanobot contaminated pizza!

  • You have 10 minutes to find as many locations as you can

  • Please list both CITY, STATE for answers

    • You are looking for the specific building location, and some city names are repeated in different states

  • Keep track of your answers for submission

  • Each location you identify correctly helps the collective cause

Here's an agent analysis tool that will come in handy for tracking down Dr. Disinfo's nanobots:  

  • Google Image Reverse Search (link)

    • To use, go to [Google Images], click the [camera icon], insert an [image's URL], then click [Search]

    • Some browsers/OS may have shortcuts when you right click an image, to "copy image address/URL" or "search image online"
    • You can discover places on the internet an image has been used


  • Don't trust everything Google or articles say

  • Maybe pause adblock so news sites don't aggressively ask you to whitelist them

  • You may have to dig through some articles

  • Visually similar images can get you different results

  • Check titles, descriptions, photo captions, labels

  • Use any street names to confirm city/state

  • If a location is time consuming, try passing and then come back later if you have time